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This is fun project to demonstrate an integration of IoT sensor data on augmented reality dashboard using Unity and Vuforia.

This is a demonstration of Augment Reality with Internet of Things. My home office temperature and humidity is displayed on virtual dashboard which is augmented on top of a real cardboard. There is a virtual button which is augmented on the floor of the cardboard. On tap of the button, dashboard disappears. This technology has lot of potential and I am curious what you build.

I have been asked by many University students how to recreate this project easily. So I am trying to document each steps so that you can get started quickly. If you face issues, let’s discuss on the github repo so that everyone can contribute.

- Unity - I am using version 2018.4.34. If you can, stick to this version as I heard different versions sometime don’t work same.
- Vuforia - You can install it through Unity Hub itself. You also need to create a developer account in
- Arduino IDEA - You need to install it and also prepare it to upload ESP8266 sketches. You can follow this tutorial
- Visual Studio Code or your favorite editor
- MQTT client - Download from here
This project has two high level components.

- Sending sensor data to MQTT from Node MCU ( ESP8266 )
- Display sensor data from MQTT on AR dashboard”

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