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Nano Piano

A simple, small piano that is not only small as the name implies, but it runs off of the Arduino Nano Every.

Nano Piano is a four key piano that runs off of an Arduino Nano Every. This project is beginner friendly, and it is great if you are looking to get into Arduino or electronics as a whole. I will be going over everything you need to know to create this project. You get to decide how its assembled but I will be showing you all the electronics and things you need to make it work.

Step One: Choose your Construction Base
A construction base is essentially how you connect all the componenets. A few big examples are perf board (also called proto board) and breadboard. I personally used perf board but you can decide what you want to use, remember that perf board does require a soldering tool to be used properly.

Step Two: Housing the Electronics
It is not exactly required to house the electronics but it is nice to do. If you have a 3d printer I would reccomend creating a proper 3d print to house th electronics but if you are like me and do not currently have a 3d printer, I would reccomend using cardboard or something easy to manipulate that can hold the electronics.”

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