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SPI Display Array Board – Clock

Fully Customizable SPI Display Array Clock

The main idea of this project was to make a customizable clock, a clock that would have the option to change its appearance very easily, The first option was to make it with RGB LEDs and change the color at will, maybe to have the ability to change the color according to the time of the day or with the ambient temperature, but what is more customizable than a display by itself, nowadays we can find very nice IPS Displays that are very cheap.

Maybe the hardest step of this project was the clock creation, making the graphics for each clock was really challenging as I wanted to look very similar to the real ones, like the Flip Clock, the seven-segment Display clock, the LED matrix clock.

These are only a few clocks that I have created, but it will be awesome to see other designs and that is why I’m sharing the design files of this project, I think it would be awesome to see how a project can evolve in the maker community.

I have also designed a 3D printed enclosure or in this case a frame. It consists of only 3 parts that glued together to make a single clock piece.”

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