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In this Instructable I will walk through how I build my new and improved Macropad. I made one a while back and it has always had some things I would like to improve on it. The main one being the location of the state LEDs. When redesigning the case I figured why not take a look at the whole thing and see if I can do a better job. So I did.

This macropad is capable of 10 buttons per layout and up to 16 layouts in total. If you can do it I’ll be impressed. It also has a click rotary encoder, that has a fixed function, volume and play/pause.

In this version I am sticking with an Arduino Pro Micro, and adding another button on. While I was reading I also decided to use diodes just like a really keyboard. This also makes coding a bit easier as a lot of libraries already exist for this.

I won’t spend a lot of time on why I made the changes I did, but I’ll touch on it here and there throughout. Honestly they both work great. I just wanted a new challenge.


I am providing links to what I used but don’t feel like you need these exact parts. Get, or use what makes sense for you.

(11) Key Switches & Caps (I used some I had, otherwise you could print some)
(1) Arduino Pro Micro
(1) Rotary Encoder
(11) IN4148 Diodes

Case & Hardware
(4) LEDs
(1) 330 ohm Resistor (or what ever size you need for the color you are using)


USB Cable


Rubber Feet


Soldering Iron
Wire strippers
3D printer (optional)”

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