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Arduino (AutoCAD) ShortCut Keyboard

Hello to all,
After browsing for many hours, and designing lots of cool stuff, I finally got around to actually building something. Therefore, get ready for my first Instructable!
I spend a lot of my hours, both professionally as for fun, doodling around in AutoCAD. For ergonomic purposes I already bought an extra Numpad keyboard to use with my left hand, so I dont need to let go of the mouse. However, I still need to move my hand to type in certain commands like BOX or RECT. And to make things worse: I also need to hit the ENTER key after I do so. Needless to say, I find this Moving your left hand-thing a bit too much exercise for my taste.
So wouldnt it be nice if you could hit just 1 key, and get a box (or something alike) in return?
Thats why I designed this wonderful Arduino powered ShortCut Keyboard.
Supplies:Things you will need:
1x Arduino Micro
2x 2,54mm, 10Pin Screw Terminal
1x RobotDyn Button Switch Again
1x RobotDyn 4x4 Button Matrix
1x Joystick for Arduino
1x USB to Micro USB cable
1x Toggle switch”

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