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This is my attempt at a chording keyboard. I got inspired by gBoards’ Ginny keyboard but felt like there’s some room for improvements. Especially uncomfortable was using mouse with it. Thus I have decided to attach a trackball. Now mouse buttons are part of the keyboard and can also be usen in chords. Trackball can be kept very close to the keyboard eliminating the need for moving your hand like with normal mouse. I have also added rotary encoders to make some of the operations easily accessible. This project wouldn’t have been possible without an awesome chording engine by DennyTom. I have extended it a bit to support pointing devices(mouse buttons handling) as well as performing some operations with the ball like scrolling, changing volume etc. Plus some bug fixes(broken leader key handling). I also wanted to make the build process as easy as possible. All parts just clip in and only 2 screws are needed to secure the trackball sensor. Everything is hand wired and there’s no need for PCB. No special soldering skills are required either (except for making the ADNS9800 sensor if you opt to make one on your own, I’ve also included pre-built version in BOM which should work as well). Trackball is optional though. This keyboard is using ASETNIOP.”

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