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the FIRST single-board DIY 8-bit personal computer with VGA, Ethernet and printer support, GPIO and CP/M powered!

Meet my CRISS CP/M: the modern single-board 8-bit full-featured personal computer! Amazing functionality for the DIY device: it is not a toy, it is REAL Computer, the SAFEST computer in the world and the sophisticated control platform for your projects!


OS: CP/M 2.2 = programming languages, text processors, games, business software, …
Instructions: Z80 (Zilog), extended with MUL, DIV, and floating-point, 1us LD r,r ops
Memory: 64Kb SRAM, 128 Kb EPROM
Video: VGA (!), monochrome, up to 25x80 chars, 5 symbols sets, graphic 160x96 px
Storage: SD-card
Keyboard: standard PS/2
Printer: YES, serial or LPT
Interfaces: RS-232, UART, Ethernet, GPIO, CAN (option)
Real time clock with battery
Single-tone melody generator with built-in speaker
Hardware emulation: Robotron 1715, Kaypro, Microbee, TRS-80, …

8-bit Microchip AVR MCUs based, DIP components only (!), 100% open project, programmers and technical support website. Do not hesitate to contact me for details!

The basic idea was to build really 8-bit computer that would use modern technologies and components. CRISS CP/M did it! 8-bit MCUs only, standard keyboard, monitor and LAN can be used, CP/M OS provides compatibility with the standard software, LAN and other “modern” features are incorporated into the BIOS and accessible with just few lines of code from a user program!

Now AVR runs BASIC, TURBO PASCAL, C, FORTRAN etc., plays TETRIS and other games, makes text processing, runs spreadsheets and much more. CP/M software world is much wider than it is usually imagined and CRISS can “switch” the platform on the fly without rebooting!

All videos are from the real device, no emulation! :)”

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