Satshakit Boards

Hey makers and fabbers out there!
Have you ever dreamed of making your own advanced micro-controller board at home and using smd components?
That’s the right instructable for you and for the brain of your next project :)
And when I mean at home, I mean that you could purchase all the equipment to make all these PCBs for few hundred of dollars (see next steps) and put it in just one desk space!
Everything started from my Fab Academy journey I did in 2015. With the objective of making a fabbed drone, I decided to release the prototype of the flight controller, as the first satshakit board. Just after one week the board got replicated by Jason Wang from Fab Lab Taipei. This gave me an incredible feeling of seeing somebody replicating and successfully using my project, that I never stopped since then to make other open source fabbed electronics.
The boards then got replicated and modified few hundred times from the worldwide Fab Lab community, as a learning experience about how to make PCBs and to give life to a lot of Fab Lab projects. Nowadays several other satshakits boards have been released on github: you wonder what Fab Academy is, just think about a learning experience on “how to make (almost) anything” that will change your life, as did for me :)!”


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