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Predator Count Down Box

This is a count down timer with some flair!

This project was made as part of an assignment for an online engineering course. The purpose was to have a timer with a set time which would then prompt the user to some action. The timer is activated when the button is pressed, and the LCD screen will simply show the countdown. Once the timer expires there is a buzzer which will sound accompanied by a message on screen to get moving.

Within the parts bin we had a nifty 32x8 dot matrix display… the dots are red. This prompted the idea to also include the countdown numbers using the numbers from the movie the “Predator” movie.

The whole project was put together using an Arduino Nano (any Arduino should work), a 16x2 LCD screen, a 32x8 Dot Matrix module, a button and misc parts. Finally it was all packaged into a plastic project box. Most of these items are easily found on Amazon.

Arduino Nano
16x2 LCD
32x8 Dot Matrix display
push button
project box
NPN transistor (2N4401)
2k2 Resistor
10K trim pot (variable resistor)
electronics perforated project board”

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