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Today I will show you how to build simple Frequency counter capable to mmeasure frequences of reactangular, sine or triangular signals up to 6.5 MHz.

The device presented in the video is a frequency meter made using an Arduino Nano microcontroller. It can measure the frequency of signals with rectangular, sinusoidal and triangular shapes.

Its measurement range is from a few hertz to 6.5 Megahertz. Three measurement time intervals are also available - 0.1, 1 and 10 seconds. If we measure only rectangular signals, then there is no need for a shaping amplifier and the signal is fed directly to the digital pin 5 from Arduino. The code is very simple thanks to the “FreqCount” library which you can also download below. The device is very simple and consists of several components:

- Arduino Nano microcontroller
- Shaping amplifier board
- LCD display
- Input signal shape selector
- Input JACK
- and Time interval switch : we can choose three intervals 0.1 -1 -and 10 seconds.”

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