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Welcome to this Instructable. With all of the recent news of a new Jeopardy Host on the horizon, I wanted to play Jeopardy at home with my friends and family.
When playing with friends, we first tried to use buzzers that you could find at the store. The problem with these is that it’s up to the host’s judgement to guess who buzzed in first, and there’s also no way to reliably enforce a “no early buzzing in” rule.
I wanted to create a Jeopardy-in-a-box using an Arduino which would read buzzer inputs and reliable report out who was the first contestant to buzz in. Along the way, I also added functionality that penalizes contestants who try to buzz in early by putting a delay on their buzzer readings.
Depending on what components you have on hand at home this project can be done very cheaply.

- An Arduino Board
- (5) LEDs (preferably different colors for easy differentiation)
- 10 resistors (I used 1kohm, but really anything between 100ohm - 10kohm should work fine)
- 16x2 LCD Screen with I2C board
- (5) Momentary Push Button Switches
- Project Enclosure.
- 2’ - 3’ of 1/2” PVC Pipe
- (5) 1/2” PVC Pipe End Caps
- 12’ of RCA Cable
- (5) RCA Female Socket Connectors
- Gorilla Glue or equivalent
- 18gauge wire
- Protoboard: Something like this

Other Equipment

- Soldering Iron
- Dremel Tool
- Drill with various drill bit sizes”

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