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An FPGA implemented smooth servo controller for Arduino Nano 33 OV7670 Camera Shield.

These two servos is controlled by the servo controller using FPGA (Field programmable gate array). The video shows Panning operation and speed movement with deceleration stop. The part that is held down by hand is the usual servo control (FPGA servo controller function is OFF).

This article introduces the FPGA servo controller.

In my last report, I created an FPGA board for beginners. Now, let’s apply it to the Arduino Nano 33 BLE OV7670 Camera Shield that I created earlier.

So far, I have tried to make something more fun by linking robotics and sensors. Some of the problems I often face are:

Each element works correctly, but when combined, it does not.
It is easy to specify the angle of the servo motor, but if another servo motor is attached to the servo as a load, it will be jerky and smooth operation will be difficult.
It is not easy to execute processing such as sensors and cameras at the same time as controlling the servo motor.
As the elements to be processed are piled up, the software becomes complicated and the resources used by various libraries start to compete.
Let’s focus on servo motor control.”

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