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Today you can hardly surprise anyone with a mobile phone with a camera, wireless gadgets and other technical advances. Thanks to the Arduino platform, millions of people have discovered the wonderful world of electronics and programming. 100,500 instructions were written on how to exchange data between a mobile phone and Arduino via bluetooth … What am I talking about? Yes. I want to exchange data between a mobile phone on Android and Arduino UNO through bluetooth in 100,501 times. But I want to transmit not just a set of characters and numbers, but pictures.
Someone will say that this is impossible, Arduino is too slow to process large amounts of data with good speed. And he will be absolutely right. And what if a little bit of help Arduino - to transfer all the “hard” work on the shoulders of other device? And there is such a device!
This is a unique TFT shield for Arduino. Information about this logo is in these articles: article 1, article 2. In this instructables, I will demonstrate how you can connect via bluetooth between Arduino and Android phone, get a picture from the OV7670 camera on Arduino UNO and transfer it to Android phone. Then, on the contrary, transfer the picture (image from the camera) from the Android phone to Arduino UNO and display it on the screen of a unique TFT shield.
A special application was written for the Android phone.
Brief characteristics of TFT shield:
- Size 3.5 ” diagonal,
- Resolution 320x240,
- Number of colors 65536 (16-bit),
- Resistive touch screen (XPT2046 controller),
- 5 buttons,
- RTC IC DS1307 with 3V lithium battery CR1220,
- Slot for connecting a micro SD card,
- 4-pin (2.54 mm) connector for connecting the Bluetooth module HC-05 (-06), ESP8286 WiFi module.
- 20-pin (2.54 mm) connector for camera (OV7670).”

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