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This article is the first article, with which I would like to begin a story about the unique TFT shield designed for the Arduino Uno platform, which makes it possible to significantly expand the capabilities of Arduino Uno. Despite the fact that this TFT shield is still under development, at the moment there is already a working device.

Brief characteristics of TFT shield:

Size 3.5 ” diagonal,
Resolution 320x240,
Number of colors 65536 (16-bit),
Resistive touch screen (XPT2046 controller),
5 buttons,
RTC IC DS1307 with 3V lithium battery CR1220,
Slot for connecting a micro SD card,
4-pin (2.54 mm) connector for connecting the Bluetooth module HC-05 (-06),
20-pin (2.54 mm) connector for camera (OV7670).”

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