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System for Monitoring  Air Quality for Particulates Pollution


1 In this project I show how to build a particle detector with data display, data backup on SD card and IOT. Visually a neopixels ring display indicates the air quality.

2 Air quality is an increasingly important concern today. there are systems to measure the dust rate but they are very expensive. There are low-cost, high-quality particle detectors on the market, as shown by some studies.

for example :…

3 I therefore decided to build a device capable of measuring the number of particles by size classes (0.5µm to 10 µm), visually with a simple display of the result (neo pixel ring), a more detailed display on a TFT screen and a time-stamped backup on an SD card.

4 In addition I have added a bluetooth communication module to be able to communicate with an android application and thus publish the results on an IOT server.

5 The overall cost of the whole does not exceed 60 €

-Arduino uno R3
-Arduino proto shield
-TFT screen ST7735
-Neopixel ring 24 led
-Plantower PMS5003
-HC-06 bluetooth module”

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