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Here is an Instructable on how to build a digital dice that uses LEDs as well as an Arduino Nano to generate random numbers and display them in vibrant colours. The housing is fully 3D printed and some circuits have to be custom made. To use the dice, a button is simply pressed and after a quick animation a number will be displayed.
>3D Printer
> Soldering iron and solder wire
> Screw drivers
> Wire stripper and side cutter
> Scroll saw (Or anything that can cut proto board)
> Rotary tool with cutting disc (Optional)
Off-the-shelf parts:
> 1x Arduino Nano
> 1x Pushbutton
> 7x 5mm LEDs (Choose your favourite colour!)
> Resistors: 7x 220 Ohm; 1x 10 kOhm
> Self-tapping screws: 5x M3x8mm; 3x M3x5mm (Alternatively, use 8x longer M3 screws and cut them to length)
> Machine screws: 6x M2x6mm
> 9V Battery & battery snap
> Small slide switch, mounting holes 20mm center-to-center
Other materials:
> 3D Printer filament (PLA works just fine)
> Strip grid proto board (We will use this to make custom circuits)”

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