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Hello friends, in this instructable we are going to make a linear actuator using a simple DC motor.
The application of this instructable is in controlled bi-directional linear mechanism smoothly in one axis. In this we are going to use motor controller IC [L293D].This IC can also be used to control one more motor bidirectionally with it but in this instructable we are using only one motor. The inputs are given to it using push buttons and output through DC motor.
This is made just to understand the conversion of rotary motion to linear motion easily.
1. 300rpm DC motor
2. Iron Rod (present in old CD driver)
3. Nut and bolt
4. Washer
5. L293D IC
6. Push Buttons
7. Connecting Wires
8. Wood pieces
9. Cardboard
10. Breadboard
11. 3.7v Li-ion cells*3 and holder”

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