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Zoom USB Button Machine

Many of us have changed how we do things during this pandemic, from work to worship. The main commonality is that we are using remote video conferencing tools more and more. The most common has been Zoom, though not the only one.

I have seen many of our friends, especially the less tech savvy, struggle with using the tools… “you are on mute” is probably the most common affliction these days.

In order to alleviate some of these issues I decided to make a small box that will automatically send the keyboard shortcuts needed for muting, raising hand, video on off, etc when the button is pressed.

NOTE This will not work on all Arduino models (UNO, Nano, etc). You need a model that uses the ATmega32u4 processor which will work as a USB keyboard.

push buttons
rotary encoder
arduino pro micro
USB cable
some sort of case
soldering iron
drill and drill bits”

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