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If you need to drive multiple video gadgets or monitors from a single video signal source then this board is the right choice for you. This is a 3-channel video splitter with an amplifier and the circuit is built using discrete components. Q2 and Q1 act as a signal amplifier, Q3 act as output driver, trimmer potentiometer PR1 is provided to adjust the input signal swing, PR2 Trimmer is provided to set the gain of the amplifier, D1 is the power LED. The operating power supply is 12V DC and it draws 100mA current. RCA Connector J4 is the Video signal input, RCA Connector J1, J2, J3 provide the outputs. The default gain of the circuit is 4. The bandwidth is 5Mhz, input and outputs impendence are 75 Ohms. It is important to use all 3 channels at a time or change R11 to 150 Ohms if you will only use 1 x channel or 82 Ohms if 2 x channels are in use. Adjusting the board is very easy, just connect a voltmeter at the base of Q2 and adjust the PR1 so the voltage at the base of Q2 is 1V.

- Power Supply 12V Vdc
- Current Consumption 100mA
- RCA Connector for Video Input
- 3 x RCA Connectors for Video Output
- Trimmer Potentiometer for Gain Adjust
- Trimmer For input signal Swing Adjust
- On-board Power LED
- PCB Dimensions 48.74 x 43.66mm”

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