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Yes it is, but this one has Bluetooth and other great features!

The Story
This is my third project since this pandemic arrived and it was something my Dad made in 1993 which gave me the idea. Back then, he was a little depressed, so he made a full size grandfathers clock, which now stands proudly in our hallway. He made it as a representation of time passing during his low period and this got me thinking.

I have some friends in the USA who I usually visit once or twice a year, but not since March 2020. So after making my first project (the Digital Cribbage Board), I wondered if I could use the same chassis and turn it into a modern version of my father’s grandfather clock (generally speaking).

As I started the project, the scope expanded and expanded, to the following list of features.

Main Hardware
Arduino Nano Every
Bespoke PCB including two power systems
Five 8x8 LED panels
Bluetooth module
DS3231 real time clock
Adafruit Sound FX board
Mini speaker
Software Features
12/24 hour setting
Alarm clock
Sleep mode
MP3 sound board for alarms
Six colour settings for main display
Bluetooth module to display received character strings
Welcome message
Master reset function
Loss of settings protection by saving settings into EEPROM
Kitchen timer option with two timers
As I stated earlier, the digital alarm clock and the digital kitchen timer are both built on nearly the same chassis and design of my earlier Digital Cribbage Board, but with some modifications.”

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