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My Daughter's laptop

It’s a programable “laptop”. Hardware that allows me to program different activities in a nice box

This is a long project, I will divide it into small bits so people can take pieces and set up their own. I also recommend seeing my previous projects to understand how I got here, especially the “tutorial for ILI9341 (part 1, 2, 3, and 4), as it uses some modified libraries that I would not explain here.

I dived the project into (power supply, MP3, LCD’s, keyboard, and software)

The software is an on-going project, I would be adding different programs my daughter gets different interests.


I used 2 keypads 4x4 and one 3x4 to make a 40 key keypad this brand makes a keypad that allows me to have that many keys with only 3 pins”

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