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The TinyML Wake Word demo on the Raspberry Pi Pico. A less than $10 wake word!

TinyML Wake-Word Detection on Raspberry Pi Pico
This application implements the wake word example from Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers on the Raspberry Pi Pico.

The wake word example shows how to run a 20 kB neural network that can detect 2 keywords, “yes” and “no”. More information about this example is available on the Tensorflow Lite Micro examples folder.

We use as input an electret microphone to detect the words “yes” or “no” and turn the on-device LED on and off in response.

Because of my slight northern English accent, I struggle to get the demo consistently working with my own voice (even the high quality OS X version). Here is a clip of me placing my microphone next to my speaker for somebody else to say “yes”.”

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