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Have you ever thought of robots that are involved in sports and recreation activities? Robots that could mimic the act of athletes like runners and, gymnasts. Such robots are extremely interesting for robotics enthusiasts, makers, and inventors. One of the sports and recreation activities that attract boys and girls, young and adults are ziplining. Ziplines are designed to transfer cargo or a person from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable. The cargo or the person is propelled by gravity and moves on the cable through a freely rotating pulley. The zipline robot that we are going to make looks like a monkey that moves on a cable by using its two arms. Making such a creature that uses its arms for locomotion on a cable is a challenging task. However, in this tutorial, we are going to make a fun and easy-to-build zipline robot with Lego Technic components, an Arduino board, and some off-the-shelf electromechanical components. The instructions are prepared in a way that you can build them at home.

List of electronic parts

A) 1x 9v Battery Connector, Male DC Connector
B) 1x TT Gear Motor
C) 1x 3D Printed Gear Motor Housing
D) 1x 3D Printed Lego-Compatible Coupling
E) 2x Breadboard, Mini Size
F) 1x Arduino Nano
G) 1x M3 x 10 Machine Screw
H) 1x M3 x 30 Machine Screw
I) 1x L298N Mini Motor Driver
J) 1x MAX4466 Microphone Module
K) 1x Power Jack, Barrel Type
L) 1x Mini Switch, Toggle Type
M) Male to Male Jumper Wire

List of Lego Technic components
A) Frame, 5x7-module
B) Beam, 5-module
C) Beam, 3-module
D) Double bevel gear, 36-tooth
E) Gear, 24-tooth
F) Worm gear
G) Double cross block, 3-module
H) Connector peg with friction/axle, 2-module
I) Connector peg with friction, 3-module
J) Bevel gear, 12-tooth
K) Gear, 8-tooth
L) Angular block 2, 180
M) Axle, 2-module
N) Bushing/axle extender, 2-module
O) Bushing, 1-module
P) Angular block, 5(157.5 )
Q) Connector peg with axle, 2-module
R) Connector peg with friction, 2-module
S1) Axle, 8-module
S2) Axle, 7-module
S3) Axle, 5-module
S4) Axle, 3-module
T) T-beam, 3x3 module
U) Angular block, 6(90 )
V) Axle connector with axle hole
W) Angular block 1, 0
X) Connector peg, 2-module
Y) Axle with ball, 2-module”

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