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Welcome to CurrentSense-TinyML

CurrentSense-TinyML is all about detecting microcontroller behaviour with current sensing and TinyML. Basically we are trying to work out what is happening on a target PCB.

This work is inspired by prior work I have done, as well as the work of Stacksmashing at leveldown security. This work is intended to be a working Proof of Concept (PoC) for what is the next logical step in these kinds of attacks - using Machine Learning (ML) in current monitoring side-channel analysis attacks.

GOAL - To detect an LED flashing on a target using an TensorFlow Lite ML model running on a different microcontroller speaking to an INA219 power monitor that is reading the power going into the target.

See TinyML-CurrentSense-Writeup.ipynb for the writeup of this project. The Arduino_CurrentSense_ML folder contains the Arduino IDE .ino file that will load the model onto an Arduino Nano 33 Sense board. The rest of the code - for generating training data, recording it, and processing it, can all be found in the jupyter notebook and the DataCollection folder.

We’ve also uploaded it to Google Colaboratory for those who would like to have a play but not install stuff locally first:”

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