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The gear introduced here is a device that use a ESP8266 to print text that comes from a RESTful API or from an internal database to an ESC/POS thermal printer.

The clue here is to build a device that call a RESTful API, and print the text the API returns to a thermal printer, and eventually fits a thermal printer.

I want the printer to be capable of printing:
when a button is pressed
once in a day at a specific day time
many times after minutes have passed
To build this thing I decided to use a ESP8266.

At startup the ESP8266 try to connect to a WiFi network, if it does not reach the last network used, or no network was imposed before, the device comes to a “forced AP mode”, that way one can connect to the device WiFi and set the main WiFi AP to be used for the internet connection. The WiFiManager ( library it’s used for this purpose.”

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