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48V -5V (10W) DC-DC Step Down Converter

Very versatile DC-DC converter with a stable output at 5V 2A, useful for powering arduino, raspberry pi, Jetson Nano, etc…

Introdution to Step Down Converters
In electric vehicles, the potential difference across the battery pack is always much greater than the voltage at which the control logic boards work. Due to the need to have a low voltage power supply line, often equal to 5V, it is necessary to use special electronic circuits called “Step down converters”. Through these devices it is possible to convert the voltage very efficiently, in fact it is possible to reach values of η equal to 95%.

For the realization of the PCB I relied on JLCPCB, a leading company in the production of very high quality PCBs at truly competitive prices. Thanks to the use of EasyEda it was then easy to send the PCB into production, where you have a wide choice of parameters such as: color, size, electrical tests, gold pins, and much more! They also offer the possibility to mount the components to them on the PCB and send you the finished circuit!

Finally, they can also carry out RoHS tests and produce PCBs in large quantities, so that they can also meet the needs of companies.”

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