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The LMR16020 is a 60 V, 2 A SIMPLE SWITCHER® step down regulator with an integrated high-side MOSFET. With a wide input range from 4.3 V to 60 V, it’s suitable for various applications from industrial to automotive for power conditioning from unregulated sources. The regulator’s quiescent current is 40 µA in Sleep-mode, which is suitable for battery powered systems. An ultra-low 1 μA current in shutdown mode can further prolong battery life. A wide adjustable switching frequency range allows either efficiency or external component size to be optimized. Internal loop compensation means that the user is free from the tedious task of loop compensation design. This also minimizes the external components of the device. A precision enable input allows simplification of regulator control and system power sequencing. The device also has built-in protection features such as cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal sensing and shutdown due to excessive power dissipation, and output overvoltage protection. The LMR16020 is available in an 8-pin HSOIC package with exposed pad for low thermal resistance.

48V -5V (10W) DC-DC Step Down Converter

“Very versatile DC-DC converter with a stable output at 5V 2A, useful for powering arduino, raspberry pi, Jetson Nano, etc… Introdution to Step Down Converters In electric vehicles, the potential difference across the battery pack is always much greater …