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Play Hunt the Wumpus, Raspberry Pi Pico style

Here’s something a little different: a basic C project that you can follow to build a fun handheld game with a Raspberry Pi Pico. Your mission: to enter a dark cave, and then locate and destroy the monstrous Wumpus.

The trouble is, the cave is dark and you have no torch. All you have is your sense of smell to tell you when the beast is near. And as if that wasn’t enough, the cave contains many lethally deep pits. The local population of giant bats are out to bamboozle you too…

Hunt the Wumpus is easy to build. All you need are a handful of components which you can easily buy from electronics suppliers and eBay.

Credit where it’s due, though: this version of Hunt the Wumpus was devised a few years ago by Corey Faure, who implemented it on the Arduino. I clocked it at the time and planned to built it myself one day, but never got round to it until I was casting around for Pico projects.

The game has some nice elements for Pico-isation. While I had already driven a display over I²C, now I could not only use GPIO for the LEDs and the switch, but also as analog input for a joystick control. The design’s inclusion of a piezo-electric buzzer would allow me to bit-bang the game’s chip tunes.”

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