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A simple calculator that you can control with your remote with no bugs.

So I recently joined this Arduino community and I wanted to make something that was simple yet useful. So I thought about making a calculator, now of course many people have already made a calculator however there’s just so many bugs in them that a real life standard calculator doesn’t have.

Some features like:

- Simultaneous calculations
- Using decimal points
- Erasing the previous number
- Being able to switch from Multiply to Divide to Sum or Substract
These features were missing and in addition to that, it wasn’t remote controlled XD. So I decided what if we could add all the above features, get rid of the bugs and also be able to use our calculator from a distance (just in case) then it would be a great thing to make as one of my first Arduino projects and hence I ended up making this.

This calculator does not have any bugs and the software behaves like a real calculator. Like the one on my PC, it’s simple to use and guess what you hae all the features that a standard calculator is supposed to have!”

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