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The MagPi 104

Inside The MagPi magazine #104

Build the home of the future. Our room-by-room guide to a smarter home.
Pico-fy your projects. Classic Raspberry Pi projects that you could rebuild with Pico.
Grow food with a computer. How makers are using Raspberry Pi to monitor an agriculture chamber.
Make a MIDI guitar with with Pico. Use Trill sensors to build a super MIDI guitar.
Upcycle an iPod Classic with Spotify. Upgrade an old iPod to stream music.
Assemble an arcade machine. Gather the parts you’ll need in this first part to our major arcade machine build.
Pico Explorer Base. We look at this amazing prototyping kit for Raspberry Pi Pico.
Amazing maker tools. All the tools you need to become a better maker.
Win! SmartiPi Touch Pro”

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