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ArduinoFDC is a sketch that implements a floppy disk controller. It works on an Arduino UNO, Nano, Pro Mini or MEGA.

ArduinoFDC consists of three parts:

A library providing low-level functions to allow reading and writing disks at the sector level as well as low-level formatting disks.
Integration of ChaN’s brilliant FatFS library to provide file-level functions for reading and writing files and directories in a FAT (MS-DOS) file system and a high-level format function to initialize a FAT file system.
An example sketch implementing ArduDOS, a (very) small DOS environment for browsing a FAT file system as well as a low-level disk monitor to access sector data on the disk, including the ability to transfer whole disks or single files via the XModem protocol.
ArduinoFDC works with double density (DD) as well as high density (HD) disk drives. It can read/write 5.25” DD (360KB), 5.25” HD (1.2MB), 3.5” DD (720KB) and 3.5” HD (1.44MB) disks.”

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