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DIY Bluetooth Speaker

Hello everybody
In this instructable I m gonna show you how to make a simple good-looking (and good sounding) Bluetooth speaker. I made a few speakers in the past but in this one, I made my own speaker box as well (I didn’t use an existing box to put an amplifier and speaker in). And since this is a Sticky Stuff Speed Challenge I used glue to put the box together so no screws were used in this project.
This project isn’t all that hard so you don’t need some mad woodworking and electronic skills to make this, but I would recommend you a lot of patience. As I mentioned before that no screws were used in this project which means that the whole box is held together by glue. So for best results leave epoxy to set properly. And when epoxy sets it makes a great bond (no surprise there) so don’t be fooled the box is pretty sturdy and strong. If you want to make things easier for yourself use a premade box, but if you wanna go full DIY then make your own. To make the box I used MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), MDF is a very dense and thick material and as such, it is pretty popular for making speaker boxes. One more benefit of using MDF is that it is easy to cut or file making it ideal for this project.

Bluetooth module
Audio amplifier board
Li-ion battery ( and protection/charging board)
Charging connector
1 x red LED
1 x green LED
1 x yellow LED
2 x 1k ohm resistors
1 10k ohm resistor
Carbon foil vinyl wrap
MDF tiles (7,5 cm x 5,5 cm x 0,3 cm)
Hot glue
Tools : Soldering iron, drill, Dremel, hot glue gun, saw file pliers utility knife.”

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