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Have you ever wanted to have a part of the sky in your room at night?

My name is Tiffany Lo, and I made this LED Moon Lithophane in Ms. Berbawy’s Principles of Engineering class for my SIDE project. I have always loved space, and I knew that designing a moon lamp would be the perfect project after being inspired by this Moon Lamp.

This tutorial uses Lithophane Maker’s Globe Maker and a little Fusion 360 design to create a colorful moon that is lit up from the inside with string LED lights. It’s perfect as a small lamp or decoration for any person who doesn’t want to wait for the nighttime to see the moon.

I’m taking Ms. Berbawy’s class as a complete beginner to engineering and using 3D designing software, so if you want a beginner-friendly and inexpensive project, be sure to follow this Instructable so you can create your own moon lamp! Throughout this process, you will be able to practice your skills in learning how to 3D print for the first time and designing in Fusion 360.

- White PLA filament (I used eSUN Cool White)
- PLA filament of any color (this is for the base, I used black and Shiny Purple)
- Screws (size depends on the LED light kit, mine were self-tapping servo screws)
- LED light kit

- Software: Fusion 360, Prusaslicer, Meshmixer
- 3D printer (I used a Prusa Mini)
- Wire cutters
- Dial caliper
- Wire styrofoam cutter + styrofoam (optional, used to test dimensions in base)
- Soldering kit
- Wire strippers”

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