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Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by this instructable.
This is a very exciting project where I have made this TL494 based modified square wave module that is controlled by a crystal oscillator for having super accurate output frequency of 50Hz and it also comes in with an adjustable deadtime control so that you can manually select the wave form that you want and all this without using any microcontroller!
I found this concept quite fascinating and thought of making a module which can generate the control signals for using it in a modified square wave inverter. This project used some very commonly used ICs which are easily available over your local hardware store as well as online.
So without any furthur delay lets get started!

I will be designing this module almost completely based on SMD components to make the module small and compact but that should not stop anyone to try out this exact project using through hole components. The values of all the components remain exactly the same in both the versions.

So here is a list of all the components that you will be requiring for this build

IC TL494
IC 4060
IC 4017
IC LM358
4.096Mhz crystal
7805 voltage regulator
BC547 / 2N2904 or any other general purpose NPN transistor
1 Mega ohm resistor
100K resistors
10K resistors
1K resistor
10K and 100K presets
10K potentiometer-10 turn precision
0.1uF and 0.01uF capacitors
22pF capacitors
LED for power indication( optional)
Copper clad / veroboard
Male header pins
Soldering kit and accessories
All these components can either be used in the through hole or SMD form depending on how you want to make your circuit.”

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