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I’ve come a long way with my electronics journey since I made my first portable disco. In the original build I hacked together a circuit on prototype board and managed to build a neat, little pocket disco. This time around I designed my own PCB and worked out a way to have the LED’s dance with either a mic or directly from a music source. Having the LED’s dance to a direct music source was an afterthought so the board for that I had to use prototype board. However, I did design one in eagle which I have made it available in the Instructable. Version 3 will be even bigger and I’m hoping to incorporate bluetooth as well.

I’m really happy with how this portable disco turned out. It looks and works great and the opal acrylic diffuser really gives the LED’s some depth.

The build isn’t necessarily a hard one, however, you’ll need to know how to solder and have a basic knowledge of electronics. I have also been using my dremel as a small router and used it in this build to cut channels in the wood for the acrylic.”

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