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Trammel of Archimedes Via 4 Machines

If you have never heard of a trammel of Archimedes they were originally used for drawing ellipses. The original models had only two slides and could be adjusted to change the shape of the drawn ellipse. I find them to be neat trinkets and I have always been somewhat fascinated in their mechanics! For more in-depth info: Trammel of Archimedes

I work in the engineering department at a local University where I am responsible for the engineering lab. The lab houses many different machines where I assist students in creating class and personal projects.

Some of the components of this project could be made on one CNC machine, however, I have been specifically developing this project for the sake of educating students on various machines while also giving them a final assembly to showcase their work. The machines used in this project are a CNC wood router, CNC lathe, CNC mill and a laser engraver. This is my first prototype for this project and it has plenty of room for improvement!

Each component for the trammel has been drawn in Fusion 360 and the files are attached to each step. For the CNC mill, router and lathe there are also tool paths in the files. These tool paths can be exported as programs for your machines if you have the correct post processor. If you do not have Fusion 360, I was able to export the drawings as blueprints in PDF format that could be used as well.

As a final note, please always use caution when running CNC machines. They cut material at very high speeds and can be very dangerous. Always verify your work piece is secure and your work offsets are set correctly. Enjoy!”

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