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DIY sensitive VLF METAL DETECTOR with Smartphone

This Metal Detector detects a small metal coin at 25 cm and pot lid at 1m distance

This metal detector is capable of detecting small metal objects at great distances. For example, a small metal coin or gold ring can be found at a distance of up to 25 cm. And the best part is that it is very simple and can be made by anyone who has basic knowledge in the field of electronics.
The basis for the preparation is a “Smart Hunter” detector from
“” page and also uses free Android software from the same company. This company is a leader in designing hardware and software that can be used to make simple but high-performance metal detectors.

This time I tried to simplify it even more by replacing the Arduino microcontroller with chip (about2$) signal generator module with adjustable frequency and duty cycle from Aliexpress. Also with this signal generator, the metal detector setting is extremely simplified and there is a possibility for lot of experiments with different types of detection coils.”

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