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The IRF740 is an N-Channel Power MOSFET which can switch loads upto 400V. The Mosfet could switch loads that consume upto 10A, it can turned on by provide a gate threshold voltage of 10V across the Gate and Source pin. Since the mosfet is for switching high current high voltage loads it has a relatively high gate voltage, hence cannot be used directly with a I/O pin of a CPU. If you prefer a mosfet with low gate voltage then try IRF540N or 2N7002 etc.

Nixie Display Module With SPI Interface

“Overview: So there are plenty of display modules available to work with an SPI bus, mostly based around LED or LCD technology. But I wanted to re-use some old Nixie teck. This Instructable is what I came up with. The …

HV Nixie DC-DC Switching Power Supply using MAX1771

“Nixie tubes need about ~180Vdc to light up and thus on most devices, a DC-DC converter is needed. Here we designed a simple DC-DC switching regulator capable of powering most of Nixie tubes. The board accepts 12Vdc input …

DIY simple smartphone Metal Detector

“DIY sensitive VLF METAL DETECTOR with Smartphone This Metal Detector detects a small metal coin at 25 cm and pot lid at 1m distance This metal detector is capable of detecting small metal objects at great distances. For example, a …

Nixie Wrist Watch, 4 Digits

“This project is about making a 4-digit nixie wrist watch. Supplies: small size nixie tubes (4) Arduino pro mimi IC 7805 IC 555 IC 74141 (or 7441) MPSA42 Transistors (5) MPSA92 transistors (4) RTC module DS3231 IRF740 mosfet UF4007 diode …

Project  Nixie Clock

Nixie Clock

“This is our Nixie Clock made with atmega 328 We all know these wonderful old lamps (Nixie). It is time to re-use them! so we made this nixie clock.”