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Interested in making a useless box? Building this project was a really fun experience for me. Having very little prior knowledge about circuits, making this simple gadget was a great introduction to circuits for me. And, it’s really fun to play with once completed!

This project is meant for beginners with little or no experience making circuits, and using an Arduino. I built this project for my Principles of Engineering class taught by Ms. Berbawy. This project was inspired by the Arduino Most Useless Machine Ever Project by rsucgang.


Servo motor
Arduino Uno
10k Ohm resistor
9v battery
Small toggle switch
4 hinges and 16 screws (such as those for a jewelry box)
1/4” wooden boards for laser cutting*

*If you do not have access to a laser cutter, buying a wooden jewelry box from a store to use as the case works fine


Soldering iron and solder
Laser Cutter
Drill and different bits
Wire Strippers
Arduino connection cable
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Wood glue
Adobe Illustrator/SVG editing software
Arduino IDE
*if using a premade jewelry box, you will need a saw”

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