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Obstacle avoidance with LEGO Boost car, powered by Azure Percept.

Azure Percept is a platform of hardware and services that simplifies use of Azure AI technologies on the edge. I decided to give a try at building simple obstacle avoidance car over the weekend, I was happy with the result, so here is a story about it.

The car base is built with LEGO Boost and it is slightly modified M.T.R. 4 model, and instructions for the model come in the standard LEGO Boost package.

On top of this base I placed Azure Percept with camera Azure Percept Vision. Since input to Azure Percept is 40V I have not tried to make some battery that will power the car, if you decide to do so you’ll probably need to extend the car base further.

Training the model
Azure Percept works out of the box with Azure services such as Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Live Video Analytics. LEGO Boost package has 3 cones in it, so I took 100 pictures of the cones and trained the model with Azure Custom Vision.”

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