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Variometer is instrument that indicates the changes in the altitude variations.

A variometer – also known as a rate of climb and descent indicator (RCDI), or vertical speed indicator (VSI), is one of the basic flight instruments.

For human, flying is not natural and we don’t have a dedicated sense to 3D motion. Once the visual landmark to the ground is lost, it’s very difficult to figure out if we climb or sink. Within the scope of a variometer for paragliding, the absolute altitude is not that interesting, this is the altitude variation that matters. This particular example is a variometer that indicates these changes through an audible signal, which in this case is an advantage, because all the senses are free to perform safe flight.

The device is extremely simple to make and contains only a few components:

- Arduino Nano microcontroller
- BMP180 pressure sensor board
- Led diode
- and Buzzer
- Of course, there is also a Battery and a small switch.

It is very important that the device is mounted in a small compact box and is mechanically resistant.”

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