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This is a nice retro-look weather station and clock that I made with a POS VFD display for which I did not have any data and information.

The device is very simple to build and contains only a few components:

- Arduino Nano microcontroller
- BMP180 barometric sensor, which is mounted outside the box for more accurate temperature measurement
- DS3231 realtime clock module
- and POS customer VFD display

First we need to connect it to the power supply. For this purpose I reviewed the datasheets for most chips on the board and it is seen that the supply voltage should be 5V. It was easiest and safest to solder the power cords directly to pin 4 (Gnd) and pin 6 (Vcc) of MC 34063 chip. After connecting the power supply, the basic information appears on the display, and we are most interested in Baud Rate, who in this case is 4800.”

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