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How to make a VU Meter that uses a VFD (vacuum fluorescent display) instead of analog instruments. VFD Display type is GP1287.

A VU meter, also known as a Volume Unit meter, is a device used to display the audio signal level in decibels (dB) in real-time. It is commonly found on audio equipment to help users monitor and control audio levels. The analog VU meter typically consists needle-based indicators that move in response to the audio signal’s intensity.

VFD displays are known for their high brightness, high contrast, and wide viewing angle, making them suitable for use in a variety of applications. In this particular case, the display is a GP1287 with a resolution of 256 by 50 points, and it can be obtained at a relatively cheap price. In one of my previous videos I described how to connect such a display to an ESP32 microcontroller, and this time the display is controlled by Arduino.

The device is extremely simple to build and contains only a few components

- Arduino Nano Microcontroller
- GP1287 VFD Display
- 10K potentiometer,
- and two capacitors and resistors”

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