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A few months ago I made a Vu Meter using IC LM3915. The results from the Vu meter are quite good for me.

And in this article I made another vu meter with a different IC. The IC that I use this time is the LM3914. This IC is still in the same family as the LM3915 IC. because it has a different series, of course I have different characteristics too.

And my goal to make a Vu meter using the LM3914 IC is to compare it with the LM3915 Vu meter that I have previously made.

The components needed to make the LM3914 Vu meter are the same as those used to make the LM3915 Vu mter, the only difference is the IC series used. And here are the components :

2 IC LM3914_
Green LED

5 Orange LED_

2 100uF/25V_
0R 0805

5*2k7 0805”

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