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Setting up the ESP32 CAM for making a Security Camera (Level 1 )

The ESP32 CAM is Basically an ESP32 without a CP2102 Chip. Instead, it is equipped with a 2MP OV2640 camera module and an SD Card Reader on the bottom side of the board.

Also, the camera module is switchable, which means we can upgrade this camera from 2MP to 5MP or Higher.

It cost around 10$ which is a pretty sweet price tag for such a capable Microcontroller.

The WIFI module used in this Version is ESP-32S which has a built-in 32Mbit of Flash and 512KB Internal plus external 4M PSRAM.

It has 9 IO Ports and its default baud rate is 115200bps.

Also, it’s five volts tolerance which means we can hook it up with an external 5V Charger setup but a voltage above 5V will kill the module.

Its specs are somewhat similar to generic ESP32 so I won’t be listing the whole spec chart.”

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