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It is a glove that can be used by those who cannot speak to communicate with others in verbal language.

The Problem
Many people across the world cannot speak and they often use body language and sign language to communicate with others but not everyone knows sign language so the mute cannot communicate with everyone using only sign language.

The Solution
This glove can be worn by people who cannot speak and it can help them to communicate by translating their gestures from sign language to verbal language and then pronouncing them with help of a mobile application.

It’s Working
It works by recognizing the gestures made by hand with help of flex sensors placed on fingers, flex sensor varies its resistance based on how much a finger is bent and that resistance is sensed by the Arduino and based on the amount of resistance of each sensor, it prints the letter of the gesture on serial monitor. The mobile application reads the serial monitor, prints it on screen and pronounces it.”

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