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DIY Electromagnetic Interference Detector

I’m currently in the process of building my own CNC router. This router will be controlled by an arduino, and will help me in future DIY projects. However, there’s been some issues with the arduino randomly freezing, and end switches (wired as NO) randomly triggering. As it mostly seemed to happen when turning on the spindle, I started looking into electromagnetic interference. The biggest problem? I don’t have a clue what generates interference, how much interference is too much, and how much is already present near every day objects. Please note that I am not an electrical engineer, and as such, there is a lot of room to improve on this detector.

For this build we’ll need the following materials:

1m of solid-core wire
A speaker
An Arduino (Nano, in my case. Any should do though.)
Some prototyping board. (Mine already had some wires attached, please ignore that.)
A row of female headers.
A resistor. I used 1K, but I’ve read that 1M may work better.”

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