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Every time, when you get a new idea and need to design a new electrical circuit, you want to test your idea as quickly as possible. The breadboard very helpful to us in such cases. There comes a moment when you need to power up your circuit and you start thinking…

Where to get power for the breadboard prototype?”,
“Maybe get the lab power supply from the garage? Too far…”
“Maybe this battery is suitable? Nope, too high/low voltage.”

And that happens very often in my life.

So, I decided to make such a power supply, that has the following features:

- portable (not bigger than breadboard and no need external power)
- rechargeable (from USB port)
- adjustable output voltage
- has a display (to show output voltage and battery charge)
- easy to connect

Electronic components:

- J5019 Li-Ion Charging Module with Step Up Boost Converter x1
- Mini LCD Display voltmeter x1
- 2-Position Slide Switch x2
- 18650-Battery Holder x1
- 18650-Battery(> 1000mAh) x1
- 1 * 6 Pin Header Socket (2.54mm between pins)
- Wires


- M2 * 5mm bolts/screws x8


- 3D-printer
- Soldering iron
- Wire cutters
- Screwdriver
- (Optional) Hot glue gun”

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