Build and control a simple robot arm from anywhere in the world!

I love robot arms. I like that you just need some simple mechanical parts, some servos or motors a good software and you can get a device that is not just spectacular and fun but actually really useful, too. I wanted to build one since I had a robotics course that I really loved.

You can learn a lot when you build a robot arm, so I think this is a great intermediate level project to deepen your knowledge in robotics. Lets start!

Robot arm
You can buy robot arms from about 20$-s. For experimenting I wanted to start with a cheaper one. Later I’ll build or buy a more serious one but I started with this 25$ DIY robot arm from Banggood.

This is a 4DoF (Degrees of Freedom) robot arm, where 3 servos are used for moving and one is for the effector (I called it gripper in the project). It means that the gripper can be moved into any position in a specific area but its angles can’t be changed. This is a significant limitation, but it’s okay for now and it is still good for lots of things.

The DIY kit came with 4 servos, so actually you get every component to build the robot arm besides a controller.”


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