A simple RFID controlled relay module to turn your PC on/off.

This project is about adding an optional security feature besides the password on your personal computer.

I’ve decided to use an RFID + relay door lock code that I have found on Youtube out of curiosity and because I thought, “Hey! They both have the same modules, maybe the code can be the same, too!”

Basically, you need to get the UID’s from the RFID cards or tags/keys first using the example codes from the MFRC522 Library (I used DumpInfo) [https://github.com/miguelbalboa/rfid]. Then, add the UID on the code to allow it to activate the relay and turn on the desktop PC.

The relay is enabled by the RFID card and works with delay counts that are just enough for common push button switches. (I used 500ms delay to turn the PC on). And made the RFID key to initiate the shutdown process (Like when you press the power button for about 5 secs and it will turn off.)

Here is the Project File Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SIZKCLsNJgMqtxfzaIJA-Bh2E_7K0JwA/view?usp=sharing

Just ask questions if you don’t get my explanation. This is my first time here! LOL.”


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